Hi brothers and sisters of our beautiful planet!

Our Photo Planet was created from the brainchild of Battle Pup Pty Ltd. There’s so much happening around the world! Our aim is to give you a service so you can share the wonders of our Planet on your everyday travels through it even if it’s in your own backyard. You are able to share photos on your holidays, favourite restaurant, sporting events and even what’s happening around you plus much, much more! Tell and show us what makes your country beautiful! We want to deliver a fun, easy and interactive Photo Feed called LIVE where you can navigate around a 3D globe and browse through the categories that interest you.

We hope to give you the best experience possible and continually strive to improve it. If you think we can do something better please let us know at We value your feedback.

So help us spread the word and let’s have fun travelling together through our Photo Planet!